Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For My Ari...

In waking from wet dreams,
My juices are all aflow,
My body is ready;
For you, I am always aglow.
You sense my excitement.
I’ve spread my legs wide.
Your lush wonderous hard-on
I want it so deep inside.
That feeling of neverending fullness
I am so sweet and so tight,
O fuck me baby and fuck me
Until the night is gone and it’s daylight.
And just as the daystar
The night casts away,
Together in climax
We hail the new day.
I am sated, my sweetheart,
Entwined in embrace,
A sense of completeness
When I feel at my private of place;
And I know that I love you.

This is for my Ari, my inspiration, my love, because I am so incredibly hopelessly in love with him and I will be until the day I exist on this earth no more....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words...

"Baby I want you...." purred Persephone as she eyed Ari from across the room. Her big blue eyes taking him in as he laid on the couch. She loved everything about him. Merely looking as he was sprawled upon the comfy sofa turned her on. In her eyes, he was the sexiest man she had ever seen. What made it better was knowing she was his.

She pulled herself off the chair she was sitting in, got down on her hands and knees then began crawling slowly towards him with a slim smile forming across her full lips.

He watched not saying a word, only extending his arm in her direction and beckoning her closer with a crook of his finger. He loved it when she did this. The closer she got to him, he could feel his erection growing beneath his favorite cut off shorts.

Persephone was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes upon. He loved her more than he had ever thought is possible. Watching her move closer, gracefully slithering across the floor gave him an idea.

Ari sat up a bit and reached for the camera that was sitting on the table next to him. Fumbling with it a second, he turned it on and aimed at Persephone. Clicking the button the shutter snapped and the flash went off. He continued quickly pressing the button with each move she made.

When she finally got to him, she stood up standing next to the couch.

"Baby, take your panties off."

Persephone reached up under her little black nightie and pulled them down without haste, letting them fall to the floor then stepping out of them completely.

"Now sit down at the end of the couch."

Persephone smiled a wicked grin and sat at the opposite end of the couch facing Ari.

"I want to see between your legs baby. Spread them for me and lift your nightie a little."

Excitement became consuming her. She laid back against the couch a bit and lifted her right leg so it rested against the back of the couch and pulled her gown up to her waist.

Ari lifted the camera to his eye once again and snapped a couple of pictures. He made sure not to miss any of her. He wanted all over her in each frame. He wanted her so bad. His cock was rock hard, straining against his shorts.

Ari then leaned forward, reaching his fingers out and started to slowly stroke her beautifully exposed pussy. She was wet. His fingers slowly becoming coated in the silky juices that now flowed from her freely.

She purred soft little sighs with each probing touch. He let his fingers slip deep inside her then back out. Moving them in and out of her while he watched her face. She closed her eyes and bit down on a finger she had resting on her lip. He knew she lost in her own little world with each thrust of his fingers. He loved making her feel good.

"Baby, I want you to touch yourself for me. I want to watch you make yourself cum."

As he withdrew his fingers she replaced them with her own. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. Her body was now inflamed with a fiery desire. She knew exactly what was about to happen as he raised the camera to his eyes once again.


The flash filled the semi-darkened room.

Persephone was more turned on than ever knowing he was capturing this moment for him to keep forever. The thought of herself being filmed while playing with herself only fueled her inner fire more.

The camera flashed over and over while she fondled and stroked her swollen pulsating clit. With her other hand she pinched and pulled at her nipple through her silky gown. It swelled beneath her fingertips.

Once soft whimpers were now replaced with deep gasps of breath. Her chest heaved up and down wildly as she neared orgasm.

"Oh GOD Baby! I'm going to cum!"

With those words her body twisted and contorted on the couch. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth slack whilst deep moans bellowed loudly, filling the quiet room. The explosions rocking her body sent a river of cum flowing from between her thighs all while the camera snapped, capturing each second.

When her eruption subsided and she was left lying exhausted at the end of the couch Ari had to have her. He stood up and slide off his clothes then climbed back on the couch while reaching for Persephone, pulling her towards him. As he laid down she crawled on top straddling him.

As she slid down his hardness she growled loudly. Persephone loved how Ari felt inside her.

She held steady for a moment then leaned forward kissing him deeply. A long lingering kiss. Tongues intertwining. She pulled his into his mouth and sucked on it savagely. Ari moaned around her kiss. His hands running down her back and over her smooth ass, squeezing and pushing her down further on his stiff shaft.

Persephone sat back up and threw her head back then started to ride him. His hands reaching up and pulling the thin fabric of her nightie down exposing her large breasts. He grabbed at her nipples, twisting them between his finger and thumb sending little jolts shooting deep through her body.

He loved how she felt riding him. The softness of her flesh gripped and quivered around his thick growing cock as she bounced up and down, grinding her hips, forcing him deeper. The streams of wetness pouring from her sweet pussy and the look of intoxication adoring her face brought him close to the edge of his own orgasm.

Ari knew she was going to cum again. He could hear her breathing deepen once again as the moans coming from her were louder than ever.

He felt her grip on him tighten and she screamed out his name.

"Ari, Fuck me baby! Baby FUCK ME! I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM INSIDE ME!"

He couldn't contain himself anymore. His muscles tightened as he began shooting his hot sticky load deep inside her. With each spurt he bucked upwards meeting Persephones' thrusts. He could feel her cumming with him. He never took his eyes off of her while they both came together.

Finally, they are spent and Persephone falls forward collapsing upon his chest. His hands reaching up to caress her hair. His lips kissing her sweetly. Their deep breaths finally slowing down. Persephone pulls herself off and lies down beside him on the couch.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Goin' on a Ride

Hey baby, come to me and lay down right here
I wanna climb on top of you and go for a wild ride
Put your hardness deep inside me, make it disappear
I’m gonna cum, Ari, that I won’t be denied…

Watch me while I slide up and down your cock
Fuck me like you never have fucked me before
Baby, you know just how to send my body into shock
I could fuck you all night long, Ari, I want so much more…

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Against the Wall...

"Baby, whatever happens, do NOT look away from my eyes. I want you looking directly into mine. You will not speak until I say. In fact, you will not do anything unless I tell you to do it. Do you understand?"

Those were the words spoken to me when you pressed me gently against the wall. I nodded in agreement knowing deep in the back of my mind I was in for the time of my life. My heart began to flutter as your hands started to roam. Fingertips softly tracing the outline of my face and pouty lips.

"You are so beautiful Persephone....."

The words were a mere whisper, barely heard by my ears as my breathing had already deepened, drowning out everything around me.

Slowly you leaned in, your lips touching mine. Just a quick soft kiss while your hands dropped lower, reaching up underneath my shirt to lightly caress my nipples. As much as I want to look down and watch you explore every part of me, I hear your words resounding in my mind, "Do not look away from my eyes..."

Your fingers methodically pinch and pull at each, making them stiffen against your flesh. Shocks of electric waves shoot through my body finally stopping between my thighs. My body is fully aroused and awake. Each touch...each tug on my nipples making me wet, causing my juices to slowly start flowing from me, soaking my lacy panties.

I am hungry and you know it. My body is aching under your dominating touch. You hear it in my breath and you see it in my gaze as I peer into your commanding eyes. I watch as a smile creeps across your lips as you have me exactly where you want me.

I feel your hands drop to my top of my panties as you slide your fingers beneath the thin fabric. Down your fingers go until they reach my smooth silky lips. Your smile grows bigger as your fingertips coat themselves in my moisture before they have a chance to slip between my slick slit.

I want to tell you to touch my clit but I can't. I am bound by your words, "You will not speak..." I squirm in anticipation. Longing. Needing. Wanting. "Oh God Touch me Ari!" my mind screams a silent unheard song.

"My baby is wet. Do you like this Persephone?" you ask through a coy grin and a soul piercing stare. Even though you know the answer your eyebrows raise, waiting for my reply.

A breathless "Yessssssss...." is all I can manage to get past my lips.

"Maybe I should stop. Hmmmmmm? Do you want me to stop baby?" That smile never leaving your face.

"Oh God Never!" the words blurt out. "Please don't stop Ari...."

You lean in, brushing your lips against my ear and "Shhhhhhhhhh...." is all I hear.

Suddenly your fingers part the warm soft wetness and enter deep inside me. I moan in excitement as my eyes roll back in my head and I arch against the wall.

"I said look in my eyes baby..."

I open my blue eyes and gaze into yours once again as your fingers pump in and out of me. Fucking me feverishly. Each movement allowing that wetness to run out and down my thighs. Slowly my hips move start to move up and down, forcing your fingers deeper, meeting each trust as it comes.

It doesn't take long before I can feel the eruption beginning to well. With my eyes locked on yours you can see I am about to cum. A growl emerges from my throat as my hand reaches out grabbing your shoulder to steady myself. A warmth spreads over my body and my eyes snap shut. Just as I am about to cum you pull your fingers out and smack my ravenous wet skin. The sting jolts my eyes back open.

You lean in close, your nose touching mine as you look me deep in the eyes. The fingers you were just fucking me now run across my lips, letting me taste the warm sticky liquid. You move your fingers away and bring your mouth to meet mine. We taste my sweetness together through a sensual kiss.

Your hand drops back between my legs and gives my begging hot flesh another slap. This one a little harder than the last. A soft whimper escapes my lips. You smile again knowing how much I love every bit of agony you are putting my body through. You feel my hunger and know I crave more.

"Now baby, we have rules and you are not following them. You are to look me in the eyes and you will do it too. If you want to cum you will look at me when you do it. Now this will be the last time I ask, do you understand Persephone?" Your hand now pulling my panties completely down, allowing them to fall to the floor.

I nod my head yes but do not speak a word. Feeling the desperation in my body I lock my eyes on yours. I need to cum and if looking directly at you is the only way to end this sweet, wonderful torture, then I will do as I am told.

Your fingers go back to work but this time you do not enter me. Instead, they tease me a moment. Sliding back and forth along my wet slit then stopping, you use your hand to cup my soft peach completely, just holding me for what seems like forever. You smile as I run my tongue across my lips, my eyes begging and pleading with yours for release.

"Tell me what you want baby. Tell me now." you say through a stern loving whisper.

"Ari please rub my clit. Touch it until I cum. Make me cum for you. Please Ari. I need it. I need it now!"

You slide your finger between my lips, parting them, reaching my swollen clit while your other hand moves up to my face. You sweep my hair back and stroke my cheek then lean in once again for a deep lingering kiss. When you pull back you smile at me. Your finger now quickly stroking me. My clit throbbing harder as you move faster. My body starts to shudder. You can sense I am holding back. Refusing to allow myself to cum. The torment in my eyes and beads of sweat glistening around my face tell the tale amidst soft moans fleeing from my now agape mouth.

"Ask me baby...."

"Ari.... pl... please let me... please let me cum! Ari pleassseeee...." The words come from me slow and jumbled but still come out just the same.

Your fingers now probing faster than ever. My body trembling and my knees starting to give under the tension.

"Persephone.... I love you my beautiful baby girl. Now cum for me."

With a thunderous explosion and my eyes locked on yours, a flood pours out of me, covering your hand and running down my shaky legs. Deep almost incoherent moans and growls bellow from me loudly filling the room. You stop fingering me and hold me tightly when I fall into your shoulder, collapsing against you as my orgasm slowly subsides. You hug me and stroke my hair, kissing the top of my head.

"You ready for bed baby?" You ask while putting your fingers under my chin, turning my face upward towards yours. I nod and smile as you guide me to the bed, lying me down then crawling in beside me.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Shower

As I stepped into the bath, the warming touch of the water drew all my tension away. I lowered myself into the steamy water, allowing it to engulf me in its warm and soapy embrace. I sighed. It felt so wonderfully relaxing, my mind quickly drifted to thoughts of you. I thought of your hands, moving across my body, feeling every inch of my skin. My desire was strong. Instead of shampooing my hair, I reached for my sponge. As I lathered it up with the fragrant soap, I imagined that you were beside me. In my mind you took my hand, and slowly began to rub the poof across my skin. I started with the top, washing my arms and my back.... Then across my stomach and even further down. Feeling a slight shiver from the sensation, I began to rhythmically run the sponge around each of my breasts, then across the nipples that stiffened quickly upon contact. As I washed one, I lightly massaged the other, to mimic the feel of the other.

Feeling my desire grow, I moved to my feet, feeling the light tickle of the sponge across my toes. I smiled as I ran the poof up and down my calves.. Then more slowly as I moved to my thighs. I gasped when the sponge brushed against my clit briefly as I washed the sensitive areas on the insides of my thigh. I was breathing more deeply now, knowing that I could feel release soon. My hands, almost now completely under control of the fantasy of you in my mind, began to work the lather into my soft peach, starting with the outer lips, and working towards the opening to my moist and eager passage. I ran my fingers in gentle circles around my clit, moving rhythmically at the sensation. Knowing that if you were there, I would have been due a little tease, I stopped before my desire built too high.

I took the shower massager and slowly rinsing every inch of my skin, feeling the warm water mimic the previous actions of the sponge. When all of the lather had washed down, I switched the spray over to its massage setting, and leaned against the edge of the tub. I thought of your touch as the hard spray touched me, starting on my smooth ass, caressing it all over before moving on to my waiting slit. As the spray moved towards my throbbing clit, I felt the water rush across my pussy, and I moaned, aching to be filled there. As soon as the spray moved away, I plunged two of my fingers into my wetness, imagining that it was your cock, thrusting into me, hard and fast and hot. I moved the massager up onto my clit, and felt the crushing waves of orgasm wash over me . I felt my fingers pick up their intensity as I dreamt of you fucking me harder, pressing me further against the wall of the bath.

In my mind, I could see you moving in and out of me with sheer delight adorning your strong face. Your hands kneading and pulling at my hardened nipples making me cry out, begging for more through deep pants and moans. And then I can see you grasping my hair, pulling my head back towards yours as you lean in close. I feel your breath hot against my neck even in the hot steam of the shower and hear your voice whisper sweetly in my ear, "I love you Persephone..." just as you explode inside me.

My body is no more than a quivering mass of pleasure. I felt the heat spread from beneath me and carry me up to higher plateaus of ecstasy. Nothing in the world mattered but the explosions of pleasure that rocked me and the beautiful knowledge that I was yours Ari, every inch of my body and soul belongs to you. I collapsed against the wall, letting the shower massager fall next to me as I tried to catch my breath. When I finally regained my composure, after what must have been at least 10 minutes, I realized that the room was filled with hot, steam. I shut the water off, wrapped a warm towel around me and stepped out. As I dried off, I noticed that I had a big smile on my face I had gotten my release all thanks to you.

Belonging To You

You want to be my master?
I'd love to be your submissive,
To do anything you ask as it were.
Everything I am, to you, I give.

To belong to you is a dream come true.
To satisfy you is all I want to do.
I wouldn't mind if you were all I knew.
I want my life to belong to you.

Remember though:

I need to feel loved and protected.
I need challenged and driven.
When I make mistakes I need corrected.
When I fail I need forgiven.

I need approval and reassurance.
I need to be able to share everything.
I need your wisdom and guidance.
All in all, I need taken under your wing.

In return:

I will be commited to you and you only.
I will be loving and respectful.
Nothing will come out of me but honesty.
I will be patient and let you rule.

I will give you all control over me.
In your footsteps I will follow.
I will become all I am capable to be.
I will expand my limits and grow.

To belong to you is a dream come true.
To satisfy you is all I want to do.
I wouldn't mind if you were all I knew.
I want my life to belong to you.

You want to be my master?
I'd love to be your submissive,
To do anything you ask as it were.
Everything I am, to you, I give.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Table

She is bending over a table kneading bread dressed in french cut panties and a loose, long white cotton t-shirt which doesn't cover her bottom in her position. He stands watching the natural gentle rocking of her hips as her hands love the soft pliable dough. Her whole body seems to be involved in her task as muscles move and slither under her skin and that thin sweet layer of woman. His breath catches as he stands and tries to memorize the rounded shape of her buttocks, the smooth fair skin of her bare legs, the rhythm of her motion. He almost changes his mind about taking care of necessary matters. He takes a deep breath, sighing. Maybe it can be done in such a way as to not bruise her tender heart, he thinks as he walks to her.

She let's out a soft cry as his hand cups and rubs her left cheek, startling her. She giggles softly and he is aware of the momentary tension leaving her body almost immediately. His hand absorbs the warmth and feel of her on its palm as he gently massages her bottom, squeezing gently. His right hand must touch her and reaches to run flat and tenderly under her shirt, pushing it up her back. He hears her breathing change so imperceptibly he would have missed it had he not been listening closely, attuned to her sounds and reactions to his touch. She feels so warm and smooth to his silk. His right hand slips around her, sliding on her dry soft skin to cup her right breast.

He is rewarded with a low moan as his finger tips tease her nipple. His left hand travels to slip between the top of her thighs, gently probing her lips under the thin snowy white cotton. He hears her breath catch and come out in a quiet rush....sweet music to him, her sounds. He adjusts his shoulders, toughening himself, adjusting his demeanor, and leans to whisper, his lips touching her ear. "Baby, it is time," he says softly but firmly and feels her tense under his touch. He listens as her breathing stops for an instant. He hears the deep breath she takes, a telling sign she is resigned to his decision. He sees the very slight nod of her head and watches her chin drop slowly.

He reaches out and takes the dough from her hands and wraps it in plastic, setting it aside. Her hands rest on the table, her position does not change and he can't help but smile. He reaches to spread her arms and gently pushes between her shoulders, guiding her to lay upon the table. His thigh works between her legs and lifts, pushing her thighs to the table's edge. He watches her center of gravity change as most of her weight is shifted to the table, her feet all but leaving the floor. He lifts his thigh and pushes a bit harder and slides her so that her toes dangle an inch from the floor. He admires her beautiful bottom, raised and bent in the most delightful position, perfect for his chore.

Both his hands rub up her back pushing the shirt in a puddle to her shoulders. His hands slip to slide the front of her shirt up her body. He lifts her right arm and bends it to pull it through the sleeve, then takes her hand and moves it back to the table top's rim. He pulls her left arm back through the other sleeve and guides her hand back to its former place. Tugging gently the shirt slips over her head, baring her. Her back rises and falls a touch more quickly as he leans to whisper in her ear. "You know we have to do this, don't you? And you know why, too, don't you?" he asks her gently as he watches her for signs of compliance. When he hears her almost silent, "yes," he feels it in his loins. Everything about her now, makes him sexually aware of his body's reaction to the sight and sounds of her. "Tell me, Baby," he whispers his directive. He waits patiently as she fills her lungs with enough air to answer him. Her low whispered reply of, "because I forgot the car payment and it was late. It was very unlike me to forget something so important, very naughty of me," brings a nod of which she is unaware . "And?" he prompts. Her deep breath expels the consent he is waiting for, "and this is the way 'we' decided we would correct things like this".

Straightening behind her, his finger tips dip under the elastic of her form hugging panties and begin to work them down over her hips, gently tugging them down underneath her at the same time. He listens as her breathing deepens, while sliding them slowly down her thighs, calves, ankles and off her feet. While he is lowered at her feet his hands wrap her ankles and spread her legs in a wide 'V'. "Can you hold your legs open, or do you want me to help you keep them open," he asks her. Her answer of, "I don't know if I can," in a worried tone sends him to the bedroom, with a firm, "don't even think about moving," over his shoulder. He returns in moments with two silk neck ties and quickly binds her ankles to the table legs, stretching her legs wide. He cannot help but study her open sex, grinning at the shine of wetness he sees glistening before him.

Unable to stop himself, his right index finger slides between her almost closed lips. The degree of slickness always surprises him as his finger slides, stroking her from hook to her rosy opening, then higher to her tight ultra sensitive opening. His finger probes the tight rubbery indention, pushing its way thorough the tense ring of muscle, feels the grab as she bucks and he waits to hear the deep groan that always comes when he plays here. Her sounds make him harder by the second and he begins to feel a constriction as he grows more erect. His thumb seeks the tight standing bud that will make her quiver and moan as he strokes it gently with the same rhythm as the finger which has begun to move, sliding slowly in and out of her tight back opening.

When her body cannot help but move with his fingers, meeting and helping him, he sighs and withdraws them. His eyes quickly scan the kitchen for an appropriate implement to finish his task. He heads for a large crock on the counter at the edge of the stove top and slips a large flat bowled oak spoon from its throat. The bowl of the spoon is almost the size of her hand, almost flat, with a long handle. His hand checks the balance of the oaken spoon on his way back to the table. He studies the way her bottom still gently lifts and lowers in a perpetual dance. He feels it in his loins as he notices the wash of fluid her body has created. He stands to the side of her hip and rubs the spongy roundness of her bottom, feeling it tighten slightly under his touch. Her bottom is smooth and warm, giving with the pressure of his left hand. His right draws back coming in an arc to ssssmmmmmmmaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkk, her right cheek. Her quick intake of breath, her moan, the oval of color rising, all cloud his senses as he quickly smmaaccccccccssssss the left cheek.

Her hips wiggle and push into the table top as he counts the quick licks.... ssssswwaaatttttttttt, one. Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk, two. Ssswwwiiiissssssshhh, three. Sssssmmmmmaaaaaccccccckkkkkk, four. Her breathing is loud and uneven, a low deep howling comes from her throat. Sssslllllllllaaaaaaaaaappppp, five. Her bottom begins to lift, twist and push hard against the table. Ssssssssmmmmaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk, six. Wwwwhhhaaaaccckkkkkkkkk, seven. Ssssmmaaaccccccckkkk, eight. Sssswwwwiiiisssssshhhhh, Wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaccccckkkk, nine and ten. He tenses, his face flushing hot, his breathing deep and coarse as he continues his onslaught....fifteen licks, and he hears her begin to cry, her breath catching. And on, now to eighteen smacks, watching her writhe on the table. Her bottom crimson, her sex open and soaking wet, the aroma of her arousal perfuming the air, his fingers go to her swollen clitoris and rub firmly as he ssssssssmmmmaaaaaccccckkkkkksss, nineteen and twenty. He slings the spoon across the room listening for the crash as it lands, his fingers maintaining their steady rhythm, his right hand reaching to rub and caress her hot reddened bottom.

When he hears her low growling and sees her body tense, the moments silence as she comes, then her deep animal sounds as she finally relaxes panting and beginning to whimper, he quickly tears open his pants pushing them quickly over his hips and down, his hand wrapping his raging hard and gently stroking as he leans into her and guides himself to tease in her wetness. The sensations tear through his tip like soft tingles of electricity which run straight to his testicles. He hears his breathing coming deep and quick with hers as he slides himself along her hot slick crevice. He feels her straining to push onto him and sees her rosy muscles close and open wanting to grip him.

He strokes his base firmly as he places his tip at her opening and begins to push. His shoulders tense and his back arches bringing his head back as he feels her wrapping him, hot and tight, the muscles gripping him and pulling him deeper. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh". His hips begin to join in her dance, pushing and pulling him in long strokes in her velvety rough tunnel. Her solo becomes a duet as his soft moans join hers filling the warm quiet solitude of the kitchen. His buttocks tighten as he strains to burry himself in her tightness. He groans loudly as her muscles become fist like, milking him, sucking at him.

He hears their sounds intermingle and become one just as they have become one in this dance. His testicles tighten, heat builds, a torturous sweet pain fills him. His back arches more deeply as his pace becomes frantic. His body pounds hers, pushing, pounding, withdrawing, pounding, pushing, as the sweet pain becomes almost unbearable. He feels her body jerking as she cries out and he begins to buck against her. "Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!" He feels himself explode in her, as her muscles spasm milking him. He feels himself being drained by her gentle sucking as a wave of slight dizziness clears. He gulps for air as she pants. He feels her go limp as his muscles also go slack. He sighs and leans to lay over her, scooping her into his arms. His lips pucker and peck at the back of her neck. His hands caress her as he nuzzles the side of her face. He hears her soft purring as he feels her gripping and releasing him. He feels the heat of her bottom against him. His thumb moves to gently wipe the tears dried on her cheeks.